Founded in 2012, by Kristine Upesleja, MADISONS – Innovative Materials is a consulting firm for people interested in innovative materials, processes, and trends in the fashion and design world.

About Kristine

Kristine Upesleja is the Founder and President of consulting firm MADISONS – Innovative Materials. She is a regular lecturer, educator, researcher, connector, curator, and visionary. She also currently works at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) and runs the materials library at the college. After years of research, she founded the Innovative Textiles and Materials Department at FIDM and established an Innovative Materials Collection.

She has worked with companies such as Hugo Boss, Adidas, C.P. Company, Stone Island, Lenzing, Vitra, Patagonia, Prana, Textile Exchange, JS Apparel, Schoeller, Cocona, Recover, S3 Studios, Guess, and Gary Cass at Fermented Fashion, to name a few.

She has been giving lectures and webinars worldwide about Wearable Technology and Smart Fabrics. She writes articles for various magazines and has appeared in several publications, such as French Vogue. She consults with design firms and connects companies with designers, material specialists, or technologists to help them realize their projects.

She is planning to establish a cross continental connection and material hub, incubator, and accelerator to educate young designers and professionals about the possibilities in the textile and design world.

Kristine has a degree in Theatre Science and Costume Design from the University of Berlin. She is also on the advisory board for ThermalTech, a company that has invented a stainless-steel fabric that collects sun energy.

Before 2000

Kristine worked in Europe as a Fashion Stylist, Director’s Assistant, Actor, and Costume Designer for TV, Opera, Theatre, and Film. Obtained a degree in Theatre Science and Costume Design from the University of Berlin.

2000 – 2004

Moved to Los Angeles and continued working as a Costume Designer as well as an Interior Designer. Assisted designer Roberta Marino on the interior design of Brad Pitt’s homes in Los Feliz and Beverly Hills.

2005 – 2014

Started working at FIDM and in 2008 founded the College’s Innovative Textiles and Materials Department, including an Innovative Materials Collection.

2014 – Present

Kristine starts MADISONS – Innovative Materials and continues to speak, write, consult, and educate all over the world.


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